Healthy Spots to Eat Out in Vancouver

Are you vegan? Gluten free? Or simply looking for delicious, high quality, plant based and nutritious food whilst eating out? 

I know how much of a struggle eating out can be with specific diets (or if you just wanna eat healthy) but the good news is the food scene is changing, especially in Vancouver! More and more plant based options have been popping up all over the city and it just keeps getting better! 

Think eating vegan/gluten free is boring? Tasteless? Bland? Think again!
Take a tour of my favourites in Vancouver that have vegan and GF options and that are DELICIOUS!



the juicery co

Though their speciality is cold-pressed, handmade, organic juice they have been offering more and more food options since the opening of their new location on Main Street. Look for their homemade salad bowls, acai bowls, smoothies, and raw treats!
Check out their extravagant latte menu at Main Street, their rose latte is insane. Get it. You'll thank me later.
They are also the only juicery company in Vancouver that uses produce from their very own organic farm in Pemberton! I think that's as local and sustainable as you can get!
Some of my favourite juices include Black Velvet (featured), Earth Beauty, and the Greenist!
They also have locations in Edgemont village and lower Lonsdale.

Check them out here 

Photo: Black Velvet at Lonsdale.



If you love Lebanese food like me (more like an obsession)  you will love Nuba!
Nuba focuses on local and organic ingredients and the menu is predominantly vegan, however there are halal & hormone free meats as well. As you can see their plates are beautifully made and drool worthy! As a die hard hummus fan and expert I have to say this is one of the best I have had... which is saying a lot ! They have many locations scattered throughout Vancouver including Yaletown, Mount Pleasant, Gastown, and Kitsilano. 

Check them out here

Photo: Falafel plate at Nuba Yaletown.


jam jar

Another Lebanese restaurant in Vancouver, their falafels are definitely ranked in my top 5!

I literally fell upon this gem during the Italian Day festival (hence why I was eating this out of a to-go tray whilst sitting on the pavement).  Unfortunately the pitta bread had gluten so I couldn't have that but the salad, falafel, hummus, and brown rice were all gluten free and vegan. Though they offer many meat options there are quite a few vegan and gluten free options that are indicated on the menu. Price range averages around 10-15 dollars for lunch or dinner. Locations include Commercial Drive and South Granville.

Check them out here

Photo: Falafel Hot Mezze


Gaia Ma Food Truck

Everything is vegan and gluten free. This Food Truck is THE healthy truck to try! Though Vancouver is famous for its food trucks all over the city it can be difficult to find options that are V/GF let alone organic and whole food based! From raw vegan pad thai, to kitchari bowls and buckwheat waffles, they also offer smoothies, lemonade, and yerba mate. Prices average 15 dollars per meal. Locations vary as they are constantly on the move.

Check out their website here

P.S Their house made pesto is to die for.

Photo: Kitchari Buckwheat waffles with house made pesto and mushrooms



These guys probably have the biggest smoothie menu I have ever seen. They also offer bowls, salads, wraps, acai bowls, baked and raw treats, wellness shots, and juice. Everything is vegan, however not everything is gluten free so be sure to check with the staff before ordering! The space is adorable and the food is fresh, organic and very tasty! I love their hot shot, Bohemian Soul bowl, mumbai wrap, and avocado toast ! At the moment their locations are only in North Vancouver : Lower Lonsdale and Northwoods Village.

Check them out here

Photo: Avocado toast and caesar salad.


Rain Or Shine

Thank goodness for vegan ice cream! Amiright?! Rain or Shine offer 2 non dairy options a day. All their ice cream is gluten free and egg free and they are constantly changing up their menu and coming up with new seasonal flavors! Located in the heart of Kitsilano on West 4th avenue, cambie street, and UBC, this gem is worth the stop! 

Check them out here

Photo: Coconut Chocolate Chunk (V/GF)


Virtuous Pie

I guarantee you have never tasted pizza like this! Virtuous Pie has changed the vegan pizza game with exotic and mind boggling flavors that satisfy any pizza craving but don't leave you feeling like total crap! Everything is vegan but not all pizzas are gluten free so be sure to double check (the menu does a good job of indicating any allergens). They rotate their menu with new items seasonally but also keep fan favourites going such as stranger wings and ultraviolet. If you are looking for a classic cheese (without the dairy) the margherita is perfect for you. Their cheese is made from cashew nuts and their dough is made in house. Pizzas range from $10-$13 with a $3 extra charge for gluten free crust. Be sure to try their salads and ice cream if pizza isn't enough for you !

Check them out here

Photo: Stranger Wings and Grandma Pie (V/GF)


East is East

Another Lebanese gem! I guess I have a favourite cuisine.... No but really this one is a good one. With two locations; Main Street (their biggest location) and West Broadway, they provide many gluten free and vegan options. Check out their chai feast, if you have a big appetite or can't decide on one item, which is basically a mini buffet. If you like exotic flavours you will love their menu which is original and super tasty, nothing like you have ever had before!

Check them out here

Photo: Chai Feast at West Broadway


i love chickpea

Okay you have probably noticed a trend here..... yes more hummus! What can I say I might have a problem.. but these guys are the real deal! Everything can be made GF & V and their menu is huge! They recently opened their new restaurant on Main Street and also have a food truck that is stationed throughout Vancouver. You can build your meal as a pitta, salad, hummus plate or platter or choose from the many appetizers, breakfast items and deserts! Be sure to try their specialty chickpea fries with their selection of vegan sauces!
They also have a crazy drink menu with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. 

Check them out here

Photo: Hummus plate from the ilovechickpea truck


the workshop

A hidden must try in North Vancouver. This vegetarian cafe even has a grocery section with yummy and healthy foods, and apparel. They focus on local, fair trade, and organic products and produce. You can order most items vegan and gluten free. My favourite is their rice noodle bowl with cashew sauce, so good and filling! The space is pretty small so try to get there early for a table. They also have a large collection of baked goods and desserts if you have a sweet tooth ;) Prices vary between 10 and 13 dollars per meal.

Photo: Rice Noodles with veggies and cashew sauce and ramen with mushrooms and greens.


Check them out here


Laurence Annez