Episode 14 - Boost Your Energy & Reach Your Optimal Health with Jason Madden

Do you rely on coffee to wake up and “function’? 

Do you feel like a zombie going through your day? 


After exiting the corporate world in pursuit of better health, Jason, a Certified Nutritionist and Health coach now works with individuals and groups to educate and inspire personal change for optimal health and increased vitality. Jason has worked with amateur and professional athletes, and shares his passion for health through his podcast The Holistic Gangster.

In this episode we chat about boosting energy levels naturally and cover:

  • Why does everyone seem to be energy depleted these days? What is robbing us of our energy?

  • How to boost your workouts and results without the use of energy drinks

  • Are you in a corporate job with no time for your health? Simple tips to get started

  • How your mind may be holding you back from your health goals

  • How to time your workouts and meals for optimal results and sleep quality



Laurence Annez