Episode 16 - Get fit by moving less and eating more + reverse dieting & future pacing for your health goals with Meghan Sandve

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Are you a yoyo dieter or cardio bunny? Do you spend hours at the gym? Do you restrict and count calories?

Meghan Sandve is a fitness & nutrition coach. She spent over a decade struggling to find balance with eating & exercise. She lived in the land of extremes and truly believed the only way to get results was to spend hours on the treadmill & eat as little as possible. It turns out she realized she was doing everything wrong. Not only was she beating her body into the ground, but she wasn’t get any results. It wasn’t until she learned to get the lean and toned body she craved that she needed to DO LESS and EAT MORE.  

Now her passion is showing her clients how to do the same! Teaching them how to move their bodies in the most effective ways and eat food in order to fuel their body and moving away from restrictive eating and the diet mentality.

Today on the podcast, Meghan and I discuss why calories in calories out is an out dated model that doesn’t work and sucks, quite frankly. Who wants to be deprived and spend hours on the treadmill?!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Meghan’s journey with disordered eating and addiction to exercise

  • Why we all seem to fall into the diet and exercise trap

  • How to workout smarter not harder, how to find the right workout for you + what to do when you hit a plateau

  • Macro tracking vs intuitive eating

  • Repairing your metabolism: what is a reverse diet?

  • Future pacing & How to use it in your health journey 

  • Top tips to get started on your fitness journey

Listen to the episode HERE !



Laurence Annez