Episode 17 - What the heck is HA? Losing your period + learning to love your body again


Today I have Kelly Folk, nutrition and fitness coach, on the podcast. She is an advocate for flexible eating and treating your body with love. But she hasn’t always been in this place.

I get real with her experience losing her period, hating her body, bikini competitions, feeling paralyzed around food, how she dug herself out and found freedom within her body and around food to be able coach women how to do the same.

Topics we cover:

  • Restricting to find body balance, does it work?

  • Losing your period: is it HA? PCOS?

  • The top reasons why you lose your period

  • Getting a diagnosis when you're desperate for answers

  • Holistic ways to get your period back

  • How to return to self-love and body love after years of self-destruction

 Kelly's links


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