Episode 22 - Breaking Addiction + Boosting productivity & developing a winning mindset + the most badass morning routine with Nick Elvery


Nick Elvery is a Peak Performance Coach who helps people unlock their full potential. Nick battled with hard drug and alcohol addiction for over a decade. Overcoming this life threatening adversity gave him the insight into what it takes to create lasting change and build habits that stand the test of time. We are after all the sum of our Daily Habits. Nick is the host of the wildly successful Daily Habits Podcast and is a sought after speaker on the subject of building lasting change.

Today, I chat with Nick to get you the best tips on upleveling in your life:

  • Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Why is it so difficult to break addictive patterns? How do we go about breaking free?

  • How to boost your productivity as an entrepreneur & avoid overwhelm. What to do if you are in constant squirrel brain mode.

  • How to transform into a winning mindset + changing the voice in your head to match your goals. What successful people do that unsuccessful people won’t.

  • Strategic actions and tips to accomplish your goals over and over again and stay motivated

  • The most badass morning routine that Nick uses to set himself up for success



Laurence Annez