Episode 23 - Why you are always broke + how to attract money into your life with Mandyy Thomas

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Today, I am chatting all about MONEY with the one and only Mandyy Thomas.

Mandyy is a financial coach for women and couples and helps them reduce their anxiety around money to have more options and choices in their life by improving their financial situation. She overcame many health problems, like binge eating and anxiety, that stemmed from her scarcity mindset. From her own money management skills and financial habits, she was able to save over 50,000, leave her six figure career, and start her own online coaching business.

You may think money is a dirty word, but it’s crucial that you establish a healthy relationship with money if you want to have a good life. Disagree?

Tune into today’s episode and hear all what we have to say about it:

  • How does money management affect our mental and physical health?

  • How does our relationship and mindset around money influence our bank account?

  • How to feel abundant and attract the money you want with your own energy

  • The most common mistakes women make with their money

  • Strategic steps to improve your finances today

  • Opening up about your finances and dealing with money conflicts with your partner and family


Website:  http://mandyythomas.com/financialcoaching/

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/mandyythomas  (@mandyythomas)

Confident Everyday Money Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/debtfreewomen/ 

Laurence Annez