Episode 24 - Get stronger physically and mentally + lose the belly fat by gaining muscle & throwing away the scale with Madalynne Rose

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Madalynne is an online & in-person fat loss coach residing in San Diego, CA. She attended University of California, San Diego where she obtained her degree in Preventative Medicine as well as Exercise Science. After getting her degree, she went on to obtain her NASM CPT as well as her NSCA CSCS. After working as an in-person coach at boutique gyms for 2 years, Madalynne recently branched out and has started her own business where she helps busy, working women break through the all-or-nothing mindset & extreme methods of exercise and dieting so that they can get strong and shed body fat in a sustainable way. Her program, the Effortlessly Lean Blueprint, has helped many women make a lifestyle change that help them get lean without cutting out the foods they love or resorting to hours on the treadmill.

Today we break through the myths of cardio vs strength training, building muscle, and burning fat:

  • Shifting from appearance to performance based mindset

  • What does exercise mean for our health? Is it just about burning calories?

  • Strength training vs cardio : which one is better?

  • Does strength training make you bulky? Can you be too old to lift weights?

  • Benefits of gaining muscle for bone health, blood sugar, and hormone balance.

  • Building a powerful mindset with strength training; how to stay strong physically and mentally.

  • How to make strength training enjoyable if fitness isn’t your thing.



Madalynne Rose Carattini

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