Episode 5: Period Hacking & My Top Nutrition Tips For PMS

Bloating? Cramping? Backache? Clotting? Moodiness? Cravings?

Every girl has experienced PMS and every girl has hated her period at least once in her life. Today more than 50% of menstruating women experience unpleasant symptoms with their menstrual cycle. But just because this has become common does not mean it's normal. 

In this episode, I will discuss what your period should look like, why you experience PMS, why your period may be MIA, why you tend to poop more during your period, & my top nutrition tips so you can banish PMS forever!


Additional Resources:

Period Tracking Apps: MyFLO, Glow, Kindara...

Books: Tracking Your Fertility, Womancode, Period Repair Manual...

Laurence Annez