Episode 2 - What Is PCOS & What Type Are You? with Dr. Bennett

Today I interview Shannon Bennett, naturopathic & integrative doctor & PCOS fighter, about the basics of PCOS. What is it, what is your PCOS type, nutrition as the foundation to healing and what you can do today if you think you have PCOS.


About Dr. Bennett

Trained in integrative and naturopathic medicine, Dr. Bennett utilizes innovative functional testing to assess your whole health picture, and personalize your treatment plans to transform your health. Her care is based on trust, individuality, and addressing the root cause of your health concerns.
     While she treats a variety of conditions, her passion and expertise lie in psychiatric illness and hormonal dysfunction. During her schooling, she became fond of the effectiveness of homeopathic approaches to treatment. Homeopathy has a safe profile in conjunction with pharmaceuticals, often allowing patients to decrease or discontinue their medication use over time. With lifestyle, homeopathy, nutrients, botanicals and the therapeutic relationship with her patients, Dr. Bennett works to help her patients find freedom and stability with the least harmful means.



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