Episode 7 - Disordered Eating & the Road to Recovery with Sarah Beckwith & Maggie Morgan


Have you ever been addicted to food? Shamed by food? Felt anxious around food? Felt uncontrollable around food? Have you been told to “just eat a burger already’? Or “just go on a diet for Pete’s sake”?


Episode 7 - Disordered eating & the road to recovery with Sarah Beckwith & Maggie Morgan


In today’s episode I have Sarah Beckwith and Maggie Morgan on the podcast. Sarah and Maggie are health nuts and researchers as well as competitive powerlifters who have recovered from disordered eating and eating disorders. They are passionate about educating others on health and fitness for them to reach their goals in a sustainable way.

During the episode we talk about their experiences with bingeing and anorexia and their journey to finding food freedom naturally. You will learn:

  • The difference between disordered eating vs eating disorders
  • The brain binge connection and why willpower is a hoax
  • Triggers of disordered eating and why you may be more at risk
  • Tools to overcoming disordered eating and finding food freedom

Sarah Beckwith: 

Sarah is a researcher with a background in health psychology, neuroscience, and social cognition. . A former ballet dancer, Sarah recently competed in her first powerlifting competition, and she hopes to continue learning about the sport and all things related to health and fitness. 

Sarah has recovered from both anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder–experiences that have made her passionate about the psychological aspects of health. Sarah hopes that Mind Strong Movement will provide people with the tools they need to reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable way.

Maggie Morgan: 

Maggie is a competitive powerlifter, currently working towards her degree in Nutrition & Dietetics in Los Angeles. Maggie’s passion lies within helping others learn how to properly fuel their bodies through sharing her knowledge and experiences as a bodybuilding competitor, world level powerlifter and nutrition coach.

With Mind Strong Movement, Maggie hopes to find the most effective ways to guide people toward reaching their fullest potential in health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

Laurence Annez