Episode 12 -What's the deal with CBD? with Nadya Pecherskaya

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Ever wondered what all the hype around CBD is about?

Join Nadya and myself to discover why this natural compound is gaining momentum in the health industry.

Nadya Pecherskaya is a nutritionist and a passionate wellness entrepreneur. Years of overworking and burning out, she realized that diet and exercise alone weren't enough to reduce her stress levels. In search of better work/life balance, she discovered CBD oil which had a profound effect on her life. Since then Nadya made it her mission to share the health benefits of this compound by starting a CBD oil company Icaria which makes oil for busy female professionals.  


In today's episode we go all in :

  • What is CBD?

  •  Marijuana vs CBD - what's the difference?

  • What CBD does and doesn’t do

  • The endocannabinoid system - your own body's internal cannabinoid system

  •  How CBD can enhance cognitive function, relieve stress and anxiety, and decrease inflammation

  •  What to look for in a CBD supplement & how to take it


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