Episode 10 - Breast Explants, Upleveling your life, & balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood with Vanessa Asmus

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Today I have Vanessa Asmus on the podcast!

Wife to Mike and mama to her baby "B", Vanessa's life has been full of peaks and valleys all the way from drug and alcohol addiction to some serious health diagnosis. Yet, the positivity and light that she carries with each new challenge and each new chapter in her life is so incredibly inspirational and shows us the power of the lessons she took from each struggle. She has built a beautiful life surrounding herself with the right people, and she is on fire to bring freedom and health to the lives of others, and she continues to grow and expand her impact, and to inspire others to do the same.

In today's episode we chat all about

  • Vanessa's experience with breast implants and getting surgery to remove them
  • Moving past drug & alcohol addictions to facing her fears and upleveling her life
  • How to shift into your passion career from a 9-5 office job
  • Balancing entrepreneurship with being a new mama


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