Episode 28 - Super mom - balancing business life with family life with Marta Spirk

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Marta is a mom of 2.5 year-old triplets and a certified success coach.

She works closely with mom-preneurs to help them find their path and purpose by identifying their passion and talents and turn them into a profitable business. After being a teacher/tutor/mentor for nearly 20 years, motherhood opened up a new doorway for her by encouraging and motivating moms to believe in their power and have more fulfilling lives.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Finding yourself post-partum: how to remain true to yourself and your identity whilst being a mother. 

  • How to release mom guilt and stand up for what you want

  • Creating your definition of success, so that you can actually reach your goals and let go of “shoulds”

  • How to avoid common mistakes and be successful in business and family life.

  • Identifying self sabotage. How to catch yourself and eliminate sabotage every time







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