Episode 29 - Why beautiful skin starts from within with Joanna Krysiak


Meet Joanna Krysiak, certified health and fitness coach and skin guru.

After a year of going to the university of technology, she decided to follow her dream and build a business to help other busy business women transform their health and bodies, with a healthy diet and strength training, so they can show up with more confidence and energy then ever before! 

Today we are chatting all things skin health and answering your questions about what it really takes to get clear skin.

  • Why you need to address your skin health internally as well as externally

  • How does food affect your skin ?

  • The best and worst foods for skin health.

  • How your lifestyle affects what your skin looks like.

  • Why you must start with your gut to heal your skin

  • Celery juice: Hype or Hoax?

  • How can you start healing your gut to fix your skin? Quick start tips

  • Topical solutions for common skin conditions like acne


Laurence Annez