Episode 31 - Ditching the conventional route to live on the road & healing autoimmunity with energy healing with Michelle Steinberg

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Meet Michelle Steinberg.

Michelle is a holistic health and nutrition coach. certified athletic trainer, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and reiki practitioner. She works with women to make lifestyle changes to create a life that is spent doing the things that make them feel alive, healthy, and authentic. 

She decided to quit her 9-5 job and the conventional medicine route to instead travel in an RV and heal her autoimmune disease using nutrition, movement, and energy healing.

Summary of today’s episode :

  • Ditching the 9-5 to travel the world in an RV

  • Shifting from being on all different medications to zero & taking  your health into your own hands

  • Managing an autoimmune condition whilst traveling

  • What is energy healing? How energy is connected to our physical wellbeing and how to shift your own energy to accelerate healing

  • Adapting your workouts based on the chakras from Ayurveda 

  • How yoga and meditation can enhance your results and physical wellbeing


Michelle’s website


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