Episode 33: Why the food that you eat matters for sustainable weight loss with Megan Lacoste

Meet Megan: a small town West Coast girl turned nutritionist. After 5 years of university and 6 years of working in the corporate world, she started her own weight loss and nutrition coaching business, SL/M Nutrition Coaching. In an attempt to grow her network and keep herself accountable to her weekly goals she decided to search for an accountability partner. After my first few attempts failed, West Coast Nutritionists was born! From there this group of 3 nutritionists has launched 2 online programs; 8 Weeks to Wellness and Bride Body Blueprint.

Megan works with her clients to find lasting change and lose the extra weight with nutrition and lifestyle changes specific to each woman’s needs.

Today’s episode:


  • The obesity epidemic : what is really going on?

  • How does nutrition fit into weight loss? Does the food you eat really matter?

  • Why calorie counting and restriction are outdated strategies that don’t work in the long term

  • Underlying factors to address with weight loss client

  • Why boring bland foods are sabotaging your health goals

  • Holistic strategies to overcome obesity and stubborn weight loss + Megan’s favourite foods for weight loss


8 Weeks to Wellness

Bride Body Blueprint

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PCOS Breakthrough Online Course

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