Episode 35: Rewiring your brain for optimal performance with Yasmeen Sadain


Meet Yasmeen: Soon-to-be certified coach (CTI) and group fitness trainer for Boxing & TRX classes. Yasmeen’s career is focused around performance, wellness, human potential, and cognitive & neuropsychology. Yasmeen holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychology & a minor in Applied Ethics. She is currently working at Nature of Work which is a company that exists to break the cycle of distraction and find calm and focus in your work and in life. During her free time she volunteers as a coach at Pain BC to help patients who are feeling overwhelmed by chronic pain to help them make positive changes in their health and wellbeing.

Today’s episode:

  • Why you may be self-sabotaging without even realizing it and what to do about it

  • Do we actually need sleep? Optimal sleep for increased productivity at work

  • Creating healthy habits around technology

  • Why multi-tasking is harming you  

  • Optimizing your time and environment to boost productivity

  • Tips for Type A’s around work and rest balance: avoiding burnout + still getting the job done

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Nature of Work: Rapidly Rewire Your Brain

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