Episode 34 - How to actually see results in the gym + how to feel happy in any situation with Jenny Tecklenburg


Meet Jenny: The loud girl who you're not too sure if she's joking, being sarcastic or just plain crazy. I'd say I'm the kindest girl you'll ever meet who will wipe the sweat off your forehead while making you laugh. I love to help my personal training clients realize their potential and see the cup half full. My favourite thing in life is taking a gym newbie and converting them into a positive fitness fanatic. If you're not first, you're last - NOT... any placing is awesome - you did it!

Today’s episode:

  • Road blocks to fitness goals : what you need to understand to get the results you want

  • How to find joy in almost every situation

  • Knowing what to do vs DOING IT. 

  • Why finding your WHY will change your workouts forever


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