Episode 38: A nature inspired approach to wellness with Jenni Hulburt

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Meet Jenni: a holistic fitness expert and top-ranked essential oil educator with doTERRA – the world’s leading essential oil company.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, a Masters degree in Sport Psychology.   Blending her knowledge of holistic fitness and natural health with essential oils, she connects with women into living their dreams who want to reach their workout and wellness goals while ending the pattern of overdoing, over-training, and overwhelm.

Today’s episode:

  • Essential oils for each season and common symptoms (how to use oils for Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter)

  • Addressing seasonal issues (allergies, cold & flu prevention, sunburn, dry skin, etc)

  • Essential oils for different stages of the cycle (ovulation, period, etc)

  • Cycle syncing the female cycle with lifestyle and exercise modifications to promote wellbeing and avoid symptoms like PMS


Essential Oils

Wild Soles




Book: wild Power

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