Episode 39: Understanding your female cycle to regulate your period and avoid or promote pregnancy with Stesha Reukauf

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Do you suffer from irregular cycles? Are you looking to get off the pill? Are you trying to conceive naturally? Are you trying to avoid pregnancy but want a natural solution?

Today's episode is all about understanding the female cycle to become more in tune with your body and take care of your fertility.

Meet Stesha: a passionate health and nutrition coach who coaches her clients in overcoming mindset, hormonal, and behavior issues. She herself suffered from disordered eating, hypothyroidism, and irregular cycles which gave her the experience and insight to help others battle against their own inner demons.

Today’s episode:

  • The female cycle and what each phase means for you

  • Benefits of tracking your cycle + how to get started

  • Using FAM to avoid pregnancy or increase the chance of conception

  • Is birth control a problem? The effects of synthetic BC on the body + alternatives

  • What you need to know before using FAM for fertility


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