Episode 42 : Hacking your period & promoting fertility with Melissa Groves

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Meet Melissa Groves

Melissa, RDN, LD is a functional and integrative dietitian specializing in women's health and hormones, particularly PCOS, fertility, and estrogen dominance issues. Her mission is to help women live healthy and symptom-free lives using whole-foods nutrition and lifestyle changes to overcome hormone imbalances during the childbearing years, perimenopause, and beyond. She uses a root-cause, food-first approach to help women regain regular menstrual cycles so they can optimize their fertility. 

She spent 15 years working as an advertising copywriter in NYC before going back to school to become a dietitian so she could make a real difference in women's lives. She's on the board of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, on her state AND Board, and a regular contributor to Healthline and other publications. She lives in the quaint & cool city of Portsmouth on the New Hampshire Seacoast with her fiance and their 4 cats. She sees clients locally in her office and virtually from all over the U.S. 

What we discuss on today’s episode:

  • Why periods are important + what a normal period should look like

  • Common period problems and what to do about them

  • How to read female body signs like breast tenderness and cramping

  • Causes for lowered fertility rates in women and men worldwide

  • Root imbalances which may be impairing your chances of conception

  • The ins and outs of ovulation : what you need to know

  • Best and worst foods for fertility

  • & MORE!


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