Episode 44: Healing from autoimmune disease and arthritis with Katie LeBlanc

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Meet Katie

A holistic nutritionist with a PhD in archaeology, who healed her own autoimmune disease (inflammatory arthritis) using nutrition and lifestyle changes. She now helps others with autoimmune disease by developing personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans to help them feel their best. She believes that every autoimmune disease is unique and she helps her clients navigate the confusing world of nutrition research so that they can become active participants in their health care journey. She also teaches Advanced Nutrition Research at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver. 

Today’s episode:

  • Inflammatory arthritis: what is it? What are the causes? 

  • Why are we seeing rising rates of autoimmune diseases? What does autoimmunity really mean for your health?

  • Diagnosis of autoimmune arthritis + signs and symptoms

  • Best & worst foods for arthritis

  • Katie’s favourite natural remedies for arthritis and autoimmune healing






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