Episode 43 : Understanding fertility and overcoming the overwhelm of TTC with Jess Milanes

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Meet Jess

Jess is an expert fertility coach for women looking to conceive. She began her own journey as a fertility coach as she was trying to get pregnant. Jess helps women get pregnant by teaching holistic fertility methods. She helps her clients end the stress and enjoy their fertility journey! When she is not working with clients, she is working on her podcast, Real Talk: Women's Health and Fertility. Jess is dedicated to spreading awareness on women's health issues and letting women know that they are not alone!

Today’s episode:

  • Basics of understanding fertility

  • Ovulation myths, fertility applications, post pill fertility, conception, etc

  • Natural solutions to boost fertility vs the conventional route

  • What is the first step you address with your clients to get pregnant? What are common fertility errors that you see in your practice?

  • Finding the right doctor for you and not standing up for yourself when you aren't taken seriously

  • Overwhelm of pregnancy: finding worthiness and dealing with stress and anxiety; how to shift from desperation and despair to hope



Podcast - Real Talk: Women's Health and Fertility (available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify)

Fertility Coaching



Book : womancode by Alisa Vitti

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