Episode 41 - Metabolic healing with PCOS with Jessica Ash

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Jessica Ash is a SoCal based Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who specializes in female hormones, gut health, anti-aging and metabolism. Just five years ago, she was suffering from the symptoms of PCOS & 3 autoimmune diseases on a daily basis. Flash forward to now, she has transitioned from focusing on her own healing journey to helping women change their mindset about their body, understand their cycles and hack their hormones, so they can ditch their symptoms and live life on fire.

Today’s episode

  • Why the perfect diet for PCOS doesn’t exist

  • What’s the problem with fad diets like keto or vegan?

  • What principles do you recommend when it comes to eating for PCOS? 

  • Best and worst foods for PCOS

  • What is the thyroid and adrenal link with PCOS?

  • Common misconceptions about PCOS and weight loss 

  • How do we actually heal our metabolism? What are the causes of metabolic dysfunction? 




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