Episode 46 - Moving on from heartbreak + attracting the love you actually deserve with Asia Dawn

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Meet Asia

Asia Dawn is a women’s empowerment coach and relationship expert, writer, speaker, and world traveler. After her divorce, she said goodbye to corporate America and started to travel the world solo, living out of a backpack. Now, she uses Mexico City as a home base. 

Feeling called to help other women, Asia used her International MBA and various coaching certifications to launch her own coaching business. She takes women from heartbreak to purpose by helping them break free from their past, create space for healthy love, and step fully into their power.

Today's episode

  • Asia’s story : from divorce and heartbreak to women’s empowerment and relationship coach

  • How to identify a healthy relationship vs a toxic relationship

  • Why you attract the same relationships and the same people into your life

  • The dangers of relationship hopping Moving on from heartbreak; how to release and let go of toxicity + learning to trust again

  • What does self love mean + how do we practice self love when we don't even like ourselves?

  • Female solo travel: who is this for? Who is this not for? What are the benefits? What should we be aware of? How to prepare properly for a successful solo trip in a foreign country…





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