Episode 51 - What does your poop say about you? The ins and outs of healing the gut with Laura Martin

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Meet Laura

Laura is trained in holistic nutrition and specializes in gut health, hormonal balancing, and is a mental health advocate. After battling her way through depression, disordered eating, and hormonal imbalances that left her with crippling digestive issues, Laura healed herself through food, lifestyle, radical shifts in consciousness, and mindfulness practices + tools. She now guides others through their own healing journey with 8 week programs and one-on-one sessions done online from anywhere in the world.

Today’s episode

  • What is the gut brain connection? How does our gut affect our mood?

  • How inflammation in the gut is triggered and why 

  • What’s the difference between prebiotic sand probiotics? 

  • Should you eat your probiotics or supplement?

  • Managing stress to optimize digestion 

  • Does your gut have a role in hormone balance?


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