Episode 21 - Why we binge + what to do about it with Christina Murphy

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We have all felt food addiction to some degree.

But what about when it takes over your life?

Disordered eating patterns of all sorts have become increasingly common nowadays and they can create significant havoc in our lives.

Today, I have Christina Murphy, Eating Disorder survivor and Coach on the Podcast.

Originally, Christina's initiative to become a part of the wellness industry began with wanting to help her own health struggles, instead it fired her up to educate herself even more and spread the message that health does not have to be hard or restrictive. 

Today, Christina is on a mission to help women heal their binge eating and battle with food. To shift their lifestyle from one of restriction and hate into one full of joy and self love. Her own experience with yo-yo dieting, binge eating and body image issues allow her to connect with her community and clients on a personal level.

In this episode, I chat with Christina about her story, what disordered eating looks like, and how to heal:

  • What does binge eating looking like? 

  • Yoyo dieting & binge eating : Why disordered eating has nothing to with the food

  • Why diets don't work, relapsing & what we really need to do to heal ourselves

  • How to turn self-hate into self-love when you hate your body


Website: https://www.christinamurphy.com.au/

Food Freedom Sisterhood: https://www.christinamurphy.com.au/p/food-freedom-sisterhood

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foodfreedomsisterhood/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/christinamurphy/

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