Are you sick of waking up to cystic acne? 

Are you sick of that excess weight that won’t disappear? Do you feel like you could eat nothing but air but still gain weight?

Are you sick of hearing your friends’ baby stories when you just want your own damn story?

Are you sick of spending all of your time and money at the doctor’s office?

Are you sick of PCOS controlling your life?

Are you sick of feeling like a prisoner inside of your own body?

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Are you ready to wake up and feel energized instead of drained?

Are you ready to have a normal period again?

Are you ready to leave the house without makeup?

Are you ready to live a life you love? 

Are you ready to rock your favourite pair of jeans again ?

Are you ready to feel confident AF in your body?


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I suffered myself for many years and decided enough was enough. From cystic acne to inexistent periods, to hirsutism and hair loss, to mood swings and depression, I’ve been there and I’ve reversed 90% of my symptoms in one year, without one medication. 

And I want to show you that you too can take control of your health and thrive with PCOS.

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