Laurence Annez
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You only have one life you may as well be your very best self


Are you sick of being sick and tired?

I was too.

That's why i want to help you reach your health goals, no matter what.

Hi! I'm Laurence


 I get it, PCOS is no fun. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I help women with PCOS who are tired of experiencing stubborn weight gain, cystic acne, and irregular cycles break free and regain control of their health using nutrition.

I do this through guided nutritional coaching, personalized and sustainable diet and lifestyle recommendations, meal planning and recipes, and mindfulness. No diets, no deprivation. This is your life not a 7 day project. I want lasting change for you that you can continue to implement on your own and continue to thrive.

What you'll learn


> how to use food as medicine

> how to properly fuel and nourish your body with whole foods

> personalized tips, tricks, and resources on how to strive in your body

> how to reach your health goals and stick to them

> how to find joy in eating and reconnect with food

> how to find balance within your life


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