Why are you really losing your hair?

Are you losing all of your hair in the shower? Do you experience thinning hair? Is your hair dry and prone to breaking?

Hair problems are the most significant symptoms I see across the board among women, with PCOS or not.

And it’s frustrating to say the least.

We associate our locks with beauty and femininity which is why it is such a frustrating symptom to endure.

Losing excessive hair doesn’t just mean losing something physical it is also a very emotional experience.

Many women ask me if I have a favorite fix for hair loss, and though there are supplements that can be effective, we need to dig deeper.

Because hair loss is going to be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. What may these be?

Read on to learn about some of the major causes of excessive hair loss.

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Laurence Annez
The Best and Worst Foods For PCOS

Nutrition is fundamental when it comes to managing your PCOS. The food we eat becomes information for our cells and either fuels health or disease. If you want to feel and look better you can’t skip out on good nutrition, there is no hack. And with PCOS it’s even more important.

PCOS is very responsive to our environment and what we put into our bodies. So if you want to ditch the PMS, heavy periods, acne, or mood swings you definitely need to start with the plate in front of you.

So what should you eat?

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Laurence Annez