When it comes to healing our physical bodies, we can’t neglect our emotions or our thoughts, because they influence the physical. Are you on a healing journey? This book dives into why you must control your mind in order to properly heal and how you can really cure anything through Hay’s powerful stories and lessons learned.

If you are looking to connect the dots between the mind and body connection, this is the book for you. Joe Dispenza dishes the science on quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to show you how your mind can influence your life in more ways than you could ever imagine.

This book literally changed my life. Jen Sincero opened my eyes to a whole new world and slapped some sense into me at the same time. Not only is she hilarious but she wakes you up to your true potential and lights a fire under your bum to actually live the life you are destined for.

We can all manifest what we want. But there are fundamental laws to understand in order to get what you truly want in life. Whether you are a newbie at manifestation or not, this book guides you on how to use your mind to become who you want to be and get what you want in life.

Joe Dispenza, enough said. If you haven’t caught on yet, I love all of his books. They are each so mind-boggling in the best way possible. If you are yearning to change your life and ready to accept that the power is in your hands, get this book ASAP!

This is the real deal. Wondering why you aren’t successful? rich? happy? fulfilled? healthy? Harv doesn’t sugar coat things, learn the real deal about how you can actually achieve everything you want in life.


As a newbie tarot reader, I love these cards! The booklet explains how to use them and get started and the illustrations are beautiful!

I have been avoiding conventional perfumes for years because they have been linked with toxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals. That’s a hell no from me! When I found this company I fell in love. Their scents are amazing and non toxic, using a blend of oils and natural plant compounds.

Do you suffer from hirsutism with PCOS? These have been a game changer for me! Super easy to use, these razors remove fine hairs of the face WITHOUT making the hair grow thicker and coarser. I have also noticed slower regrowth since using these babies.


One of my favourite herbs for PMS, irregular cycles, and cramping. It is a uterine tonic and relaxant, that is highly rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin C. Great for menstrual cramps!

If you are looking to understand or regulate your cycle, figure out your most fertile days to achieve or avoid pregnancy, track ovulation, or analyze your symptoms in order to best understand how to support your hormones and health, this handy device is for you! Super easy to use with its built in BBT and data tracking so that you don’t have to chart or do any crazy math equations to figure out when you will be fertile or menstruating next. Great tool to use for irregular or regular cycles and whether you are looking to conceive or not. I’ve gotten so much more in tune with my body!

Inositol is a fantastic supplement for PCOS as it has been shown to be successful in regulating insulin sensitivity in the treatment of insulin resistance, promoting ovulation, reducing androgens, and supporting weight loss. I’ve also seen it be helpful for acne and regulating the menstrual cycle. Just add to water before meals!

One of my all time favourite supplements. Adaptogens help the body adapt to stress and modulate cortisol levels making you feel more energized during the day and even helping you sleep throughout the night. CanPrev includes B vitamins to help recharge and support the adrenal glands. Great for hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, and insomnia.

My favourite B complex; AOR includes activated b vitamins so you can actually assimilate and utilize them in the body. Commonly depleted by stress, medications, and birth control, B vitamins support the adrenal glands, help reduce anxiety, support mood and energy, and boost hormone production and support healthy ovulation.


Reese’s pieces but better. Healthy. Low sugar. Satisfying. Literally the best chocolate snack when you get that craving!

Crickets are the future people… A sustainable source of complete protein and essential vitamins and minerals, crickets are a great way to enhance your nutrition. Coast Protein has done a fantastic job of masking any cricket taste or texture and making a protein powder that is super tasty and easy to blend up!

Baby Grandma Mug

For all my baby grandmas out there. Are you really a baby grandma if you don’t have a baby grandma mug?

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